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Principal's Message

Greetings from Rilo High School! And in this current culture of ‘make-overs,’ welcome to the newest look of our website.
We hope it will better provide you with what you need in the manner in which you need it – be it the quick announcement about an upcoming game or the in-depth information about a program such as Student Services.
As part of our transition, we have spent much time working with our marketing partners to create an overall look that speaks to who and what we are in this 21st century.
Imagine this – Rilo High School is in our 82nd year of operation! And though our legacy is lengthy, so much continues to change and progress. After all, were she still the same as the day we founded.
Instead, we live, breathe and grow. Best of all, our graduates are accepted all over the country with an amazing 92% of last year’s class receiving scholarship offers of merit.
We’ve never stopped … and we never will.
Ms. Harris
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